With Lyudmyla Kulyniy

Get healthy glowing skin without harsh chemicals and painful injections.

Indulge yourself in a 90-minute pampering and relaxing facial treatment while lying down and doing absolutely nothing.
Walk out with an amazing glow, refreshed mind, and ready to put your best self forward.

Say yes to a non-invasive, anti-aging facial treatment

I offer you the Micro-crystal Infusion Facial - a non-invasive, anti-aging facial treatment that combines deep exfoliation, LED light therapy, and facial lifting massages.

The treatment aims to clear your pores from deep seated dirt, prevent deeper wrinkles from forming and keep fine lines at bay.

How it works

Each facial session is designed to give you only the most relaxing and calming pampering experience.

01. Skin Assessment

We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your skin concerns, lifestyle, stress levels, and any underlying health factors that may impact your skin condition. Based on this assessment, we will personalize your facial treatment and address your individual needs.

Get the proper professional care your skin needs, let's see where you're at.

02. Deep exfoliation and LED Light Therapy

We'll prepare your skin and proceed with manual exfoliation to remove deep-seated dirt. We only use professional grade organic acid peels, enzymes, masks, and serums with unique bioactive ingredients such as organic micro-crystals - these are spicules extracted from marine sponges that helps even out the skin tone and provide a dewy, youthful glow.

The LED Light Therapy will effectively make your skin glow with noticeable improvements on fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and discoloration.

Your journey to a clear skin starts with a clean skin.

03. Lifting Facial Massage with Microcurrent Machine

We'll proceed with a lifting facial massage using our microcurrent device for a firmer and tighter facelift.

The microcurrent machine stimulates and trains your facial muscles to improve muscle tone, lifts and tightens your facial skin to achieve a more contoured face. It also helps increase circulation, improve the absorption of skincare products and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

No more tired face, let's give you the fresh glow and lifted look.

04. Relaxing Facial Massage with Gua Sha

You'll then receive a relaxing facial massage using a gentle hands touch and Gua Sha tools to improve blood circulation, relax your facial muscles, and give you a natural facial contouring.

You'll also receive a glorious scalp massage to finish the session.

Get up with a fresh face and mind, you'll feel like you've hit the reset button as you walk out the spa.


I have always been skeptical about anti-aging treatments, but my experience with Microcrystal facial treatment completely changed my perspective.

Not only did it leave my skin looking great, but it also rejuvenated my mind and spirit. The results were amazing—my skin was firmer, smoother, and had a radiant glow. I can't recommend this facial enough!
Amy S.
I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the Microcrystal facial treatment. Lyudmyla's knowledge and passion for holistic skincare were evident from the start.

My concerns were carefully listened to and addressed. I’ve received the treatment with all-natural, organic products as well as microcurrent and plasma.

I continue to receive compliments on how my skin glows! If you're looking for a holistic approach to anti-aging, this facial treatment is a game-changer!
Christine G.


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  • Skin assessment
  • Deep exfoliation with LED Light Therapy
  • Lifting Facial Massage with Microcurrent Machine
  • Relaxing Facial Massage with Gua Sha Tools
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Meet Lyudmyla

Hi! I am Lyudmyla!

I am passionate about helping women heal their skin and regain their confidence by combining my expertise in skincare with a holistic approach to well-being. I empower my clients to embrace a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Your skin deserves the utmost care. Join me on this remarkable journey to healing and rediscovering the joy of having a healthy and glowing skin.

Is the Microcrystal Infusion Facial Treatment For You?

  • You want to achieve radiant and glowing skin that lasts longer than your daily facial wash and moisturizer
  • You want to get rid of all the gunk and clear your pores
  • You want to reduce your fine lines and treat sun damage
  • You value self-care and me-time
  • You have an upcoming special event and you want to look and feel your best
  • You love and enjoy glorious facial and scalp massages and that instant mental lift you get afterwards
  • You’re currently pregnant
  • You’ve recently gotten Botox or fillers - it’s best to wait for one week.

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