Strategic Holistic Skin Care with Lyudmyla

Recharge, Rejuvenate, and Reclaim Your Glow ! 

Attention Busy Women:

 Are you a multitasking woman managing work, the household, and family responsibilities?

 Stress may have dimmed your natural vibrance. Perhaps you've noticed a few unwelcome wrinkles in the mirror, but you're not interested in using chemicals to hide them?

 Introducing holistic skincare wellness, designed for efficacy and simplicity, rejuvenate your skin and uplift your spirit. Embrace your beauty confidently, knowing you're nurturing your skin from the inside out. Rediscover your radiant glow, naturally!

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Positive Feedbacks

"Wow, I was blown away by the results! As a busy mom, I barely have time to breathe, let alone pamper my skin. But in just 20 minutes, I felt like I had a whole spa day packed into one session. The deep exfoliation left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and refreshed. But what really impressed me was the organic serum Lyuda used. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, it felt like a healthy smoothie for my skin!"

— Lisa T.

"I went in feeling stressed and worn out, but I left feeling like a whole new person after Glow retreat!"

— Ashley J.

“I was a bit skeptical about the natural approach at first, but I'm so glad I tried it. The instant firming and smoothing effects were incredible, and my skin has never felt so rejuvenated. And knowing that it's all natural and noninvasive makes it even better.

The nutritional support was a nice added bonus too. It's great to know that Lyuda is taking a holistic approach to skincare and considering what we put into our bodies as well.”

— Jennifer C.

My Story

Lyudmyla Kulyniy

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Licensed Skin Care Specialist, Health Coach, and Heartmath Certified Stress Regulation Specialist.

One day, I gazed into the mirror, my heart heavy with disappointment.

It marked another relentless episode of acne breakout, following a series of similar incidents in the past. I had experimented with countless over-the-counter remedies and even consulted a dermatologist, all with minimal improvement.

What truly broke my heart was that I was a Licensed Skin Care specialist at the time, yet I couldn't effectively care for my own skin. I adopted a more aggressive approach, seeking help from a doctor and resorting to antibiotics to combat the breakout. Sadly, this decision led to a severe allergic reaction that required steroids. It was then that I realized I needed a better way.

I was determined to find a solution that wasn't just a temporary fix but was also safe.

This journey led me to become a Certified Health Coach, where I learned that the skin is not a separate entity from the rest of our body; it reflects our overall well-being and life experiences. This is why the skin care industry is a multi-billion dollar one, offering a plethora of treatments and products.

Everyone wants to look good, but there's a catch – you truly look your best when you feel your best. Often, people resort to quick-fix skin treatments, covering up their "wellbeing wrinkles," only to find themselves needing another dose in a few weeks. 

My approach is all about long-term, strategic skin care.

Even when I was eating the healthiest foods and maintaining a consistent exercise routine, I still struggled with skin issues. I was overwhelmed by the demands of being a mother to two children under the age of 5, building my own business, and managing my husband's primary care clinic.

Achieving a glowing look encompasses more than just local skin care and a healthy diet. Skin care is a vital part of self-care, overall life balance, and managing day-to-day stress.

My personal breakthrough in both my appearance and life came from the integration of natural, safe skin treatments, healthy life habits, and a deep dive into stress management. After becoming a Heartmath Certified Stress Regulation Specialist, I was able to incorporate these principles into my skin care protocol, helping busy, professional women recharge, rejuvenate, and reclaim their glow, as they truly deserve.